Alexia Thompson

Alexia is a 17 year old who is currently in her first year of a-levels . She hopes to study English at Oxford university, and then later to train as a broadcast journalist


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“There is no planet B!”: Why the idea of net-zero carbon emissions no longer seems impossible.

Climate change, pollution, emissions: 4 words that the world seems to know but doesn’t seem to fully understand. For many years scientist have argued about climate change, and whether it is just a hoax created by fear-mongering governments and incompetent scientists;…

Alexia Thompson

Calling all citizens: where is the support for our entertainment industry?

Amidst all of the panic over this pandemic, it is fair to say that the entertainment industry has been pushed to the very back of the ever-growing list of priorities for Britain, especially by the MPs that line up on their green benches week in and week out.…

Alexia Thompson