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Eliza is a Europe Editor for The Meridian Magazine and a Leeds-based freelance journalist with a focus on business, politics, breaking news, and fitness.

Leeds, UK

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Romanian: The constraints of a binary language with no in-between

The lack of neutral pronouns in Romanian has dire effects on the non-binary community and a more inclusive and less binary vocabulary is needed.…

Eliza Lita

Welcome to our New Site!

Hello! We’re The Meridian Magazine, an online publication allowing students to share stories from all corners of the globe. Our editorial team come from across…

Eve Bennett

Romania’s next general election: What’s at stake and is it time to turn towards independent candidates?

Photo by Ondrej Bocek via Unsplash The next Romanian general election is mere days away. On 5th and 6th December, Romanians both at home and abroad…

Eliza Lita

Broken Identity: What the stigma against left-handedness means for Eastern European democracies

Illustration credit: George Balica The communist regimes that ruled in Eastern Europe until 1989 aimed to create a homogenous society, with common property ownership, no social…

Eliza Lita

The ‘Better Days’ of Communism: Propaganda's Long-Term Effects on Modern-Day Romania

Older Romanian generations often miss Communism, claiming life used to be better under dictatorship. The nostalgia comes after three decades of unstable democracy. The present situation…

Eliza Lita

Diaspora at Home: How Romanians in Europe continue to forge their country's path.

Image: A protest in Romania, via Wallpaperflare Most Romanians living abroad have left home in search of opportunities, but divisions in the country run deep. There…

Eliza Lita