Kimberley Mannion

Kimberley is a Europe Editor for the Meridian Magazine and a third-year French and Spanish student at the University of Glasgow.

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French regional elections: where were all the voters?

On the last two Sundays in June, French polling stations opened for the final time before next year’s presidential election. But just over one in three adults went out to vote, a record abstention figure since 1958.…

Kimberley Mannion

Welcome to our New Site!

Hello! We’re The Meridian Magazine, an online publication allowing students to share stories from all corners of the globe. Our editorial team come from across…

Eve Bennett

A postcard from France to the White House

Image by Ylanite Koppens. No changes were made to the image. License found here. The first images which come to mind of the 2020 US Presidential…

Kimberley Mannion

La Rentrée of the Gilets Jaunes

School children, students and workers were not the only ones to go back to ‘normality’ in France this Rentrée period. On Saturday 12th September, the Gilets…

Kimberley Mannion

Sinn Féin: their day has come? Outsiders to opposition

Illustration: Ruby Gray The rise of Sinn Féin, from their past as the former political wing of the Irish Republican Army to Ireland’s new main…

Kimberley Mannion