Matthew Egger

Matthew Egger is a third-year student at Durham University pursuing a degree in International Relations and Chinese.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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The Republican Party pivots to the working-class

Since 2010, working-class voters without a college degree have driven the most significant growth in the Republican Party’s coalition.…

Matthew Egger

Welcome to our New Site!

Hello! We’re The Meridian Magazine, an online publication allowing students to share stories from all corners of the globe. Our editorial team come from across…

Eve Bennett

China is emerging as the United States' number one threat to national security

Image via Unsplash Late last year, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe wrote an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal urging Americans to wake…

Matthew Egger

From Beijing to Brazil: China’s growing influence in Latin America

Image: President Xi Jinping meets President Bolsonaro October 2019 (Palacio de Planalto via Flickr, cc-by-2.0 license) China’s volume of trade with Latin American countries…

Matthew Egger

All by himself: Trump's hatred of international agreements

Illustration credit: Georgia Mclaggan Since the start of his time in office, President Trump has lived up to his isolationist election promises. He has withdrawn America…

Matthew Egger