Nicholas Pearce

Nicholas is a Middle East and North Africa Editor at The Meridian. He studied International Relations and Modern History at the University of St Andrews.

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Sheikh Jarrah: a neighbourhood at the heart of the Israel-Palestine crisis

Several Palestinian families in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem continue to face the threat of forced eviction from their homes by Israeli settlers, despite the recent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas over Gaza.…

Nicholas Pearce

Welcome to our New Site!

Hello! We’re The Meridian Magazine, an online publication allowing students to share stories from all corners of the globe. Our editorial team come from across…

Eve Bennett

The G20 and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia: how much progress has been made?

Illustration by Paulina Maziarska A lot was riding on November’s G20 summit. Saudi Arabia’s reputation in the eyes of the world in…

Nicholas Pearce